Auto Parking Systems


Auto Parking Systems

Designed to save space

Solving the problems of creating new parking slots is a true challenge. One of the advantages of the auto parking systems is that they ensure the parking of two or four cars in slots designed for one or two cars

Clever Systems

We offer quality parking systems for any kind of building, from basic installation in single-family homes to multiple systems for large buildings. In order to fulfill all the clients’ requirements, we are selling three types of parking systems: analogue, digital and robotic.


The Analogue Parking System

The analogue parking systems are the ideal solution for areas with limited parking space, reducing to a minimal the usage of the construction parts, using only a flat platform and a smart control panel. The system offers a set of two interactive buttons which permits the integration of various personalized safety solutions fit for your needs.

The Digital Parking System

Our digital parking systems are characterized by a perfect combination of simple planning, configuration and usage. We offer parking lots with a high level of comfort, so that you can access your parking place easily. Starting with the remote control and the gates and ending with the parking lot, we offer you the best ever solution.

The Robotic Parking System

Our robotic parking systems are high-end solutions, totally automatic, which easily enables you to leave your car in the transfer zone of the parking lot. The system will place the car in the parking area and it will also ensure its delivery as soon as possible.


Tell us about your project and we will find the most suitable solution for you!