Electric and Hydraulic Passenger Elevators

Designed and installed at high-end standards

Premium Lift offers a complete variety of electric or hydraulic elevators with or without a machine room (MRL), with safety narrowed or normal spaces, adapted and designed for any type of location. The cabins are produced of high-quality materials with customized design.

Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic Elevators

These types of elevators are ideal for commercial places or hotels as they allow the passengers to admire the outdoor view, thus encouraging their usage. They embody the latest technological developments in the field: automatic door, multidirectional mechanical adjustment, electronic adjustment of clamping force and of shutter speed.

Home Lift Elevators

Safety and Quality

Modern elevators which provide innovative drive mechanisms and can be installed and adapted to any kind of space because they can be setup without a shaft, having been projected to be installed in any type of house.


Elevators for Electric Materials

Cargo electric and hydraulic elevators with machine room or not, allow the transportation of any type of materials and the opposite access type of elevator minimize transportation and handling time. They can be equipped either with narrowed safety space or with normal safety spaces.

Cargo Hydraulic Elevators

The hydraulic elevators either with machine room or not are quiet and are ideal for warehouses or industrial halls. They can be equipped either with narrowed safety space or with normal safety spaces.



The Montcharge elevators are small lifts designed for materials, ideal for small volume transportation (in kitchen, hotels, drug stores, banks etc.)

Modern SolutionAdapted for any Kind of Need

We offer a big range of cargo elevators not only for small-sized products (Mini Loads), but also for big volume goods, ensuring comfort and accessibility to the users.


Tell us about your project and we will find the most suitable solution for you!